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There are no more secrets, just Ignorance.


GenPop Media is an alternative media production house focused on exposing history's hidden truths through thought-provoking films, books, radio, and television programs.


The inspiration for what would become GenPop Media (Moving Flicks, LLC) sparked in May 2013 when founder, David Hooper, decided to make a short video for his friends and family to convince them to take their own look at the official story of the 9/11 attacks.  That small video project turned into a major motion picture called, The Anatomy of a Great Deception, which was released in September 2014.  The film, which opened in 45 cities around the world, has been viewed over 30 million times as of early 2018.  It is considered one of the best 9/11 films in existence, noted for Hooper's personal story of coping with the discovery of many unsettling truths, all tightly woven into a stunning breakdown of the attacks on the World Trade Center.


The sequel to AGD1, (let's call it "AGD2," for now), is in production and due for nationwide release in September 2019.  AGD2 continues the diagnosis of the events of 9/11, while beginning to address how such a massive deception could be pulled off.  And like AGD1, Hooper discloses the unvarnished truth of his personal struggles and victories in coping with many staggering discoveries that will leave viewer's jaws on the ground.  Together, these films tell an emotional, yet factual story similar to many Americans who've looked at the 9/11 evidence for themselves.


Like the first film, AGD2 intends to shed light on one of the greatest ruses in history, which has cost millions of lives and continues shaping the new order of world politics.  The film is also intended to provide a cathartic release for those struggling with knowledge of the truth, while simultaneously providing a simple tool that can be handed to someone who's eyes should be opened.


The third film in the trilogy, (let's call it AGD3), is in pre-production and set for release in 2021.  Together, the three films tell the complete story from Hooper's initial discovery about the problems with the official 9/11-story through the final layer of the onion, as he sees it, culminating with an analysis of who did it and why.  (See below for a simple breakdown).

AGD 1 - "How Building 7 Woke Me Up"

AGD 2 - "How the Massive Deception Was Orchestrated"

AGD 3 - "Who's Really Behind It and Why"


In addition to movies, GenPop Media produces a weekly radio show, currently named, Down the Rabbit Hole.  Co-hosted by Hooper, Howard Bolitho, Dave Debiasi, Tony Domas and frequent guest, Cathryn Neracher, the show delves into a variety of esoteric and complex subjects like, 9/11, media deception, quantum physics, lost archaeology, the origins of the universe, evolution vs creation, biblical history, aliens, demons, God, Jesus, Satan, social psychology, conspiracy theories, biology, genetic science, advanced technology, and much more.  The show, started by Hooper and Bolitho in late 2015, made it's 120th broadcast on March 22, 2018.  Historical show podcasts are available at GenPopMedia.com.


In the fall of 2018, GenPop Media intends to publish and distribute it's first book, The 401 Book.  The book, researched and written over several years, is a massive collection of quotes from history's most famous and respected figures, including world leaders, educators, politicians, generals, witnesses, pilots, doctors, scientists, secret agents and other insiders, tracking the footprints of evil through history.  Each passage includes context and Hooper's commentary along with original citations.  "Lots of 'false' quotes circulate in conspiracy circles.  I had to omit many quotes because I couldn't find an accurate source," added Hooper, to clarify the level of research behind each quote included.


The company, with offices in Detroit and Chicago, intends to raise capital through a crowdfund campaign in the summer of 2018, to primarily produce and distribute AGD2, and similar projects, which shed light on vital information the mainstream media ignores.  In 2014, the company successfully raised $53,000, through crowdfunding on Indiegogo to release The Anatomy of a Great Deception.  The rest of the $180k film budget and the ongoing business expenses have been financed by Hooper, himself.  "There's not much money in telling the truth, but once your 'touched' by this information, it's hard to do anything else.  We are looking at some neat ways to become a self-sustaining, for-profit business, but until then, we rely on the generosity and passion of those who want unvarnished truth - something our mainstream media gave up long ago."

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